Help logging into Silverstripe Cloud

If you are experiencing difficulty logging in to Silverstripe Cloud use the following guide to help you trouble shoot the various options.

Ensure you are trying to log into the correct dashboard
Silverstripe Cloud currently has two dashboards depending on where you have chosen to host your web services.

Silverstripe Cloud customers generally just need to log into to access their deployment dashboard and service desk. Some customers in the New Zealand Public Sector have an alternative login which is specific to their New Zealand hosted solution, those customers should log into

If you use both dashboards mentioned above, some people may encounter an issue where browser cookies restrict access in the normal way. You should try to clear the cookies stored for the dashboard URL's or try to use a private browser session (e.g. in Chrome use incognito) before contacting support. 

Experiencing MFA problems
When there have been too many failed login attempts we may temporarily block the account login for a short period of time. Please refer to Multi-factor Authentication guides to regain entry.

Silverstripe Cloud has a escalation process to help with difficult situations like account issues. Talk to your Stack Manager in the first instance as they can reset your account or provide you different permission levels which allows you to access and perform different task. Unfortunately raising a ticket can only be done if you can access your account and log in, so failing that talk to your account manager at Silverstripe or contact us through our website.

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